The Question on Everyone’s Mind: What Is Argan Oil Made From?

Argan oil is a natural oil. It is very famous throughout the world for its many health benefits. It is useful for both the hair and skin. It takes care of our skin and protects it from many harmful things. It also repairs our damaged hair and brings back its original glow. Many people use this product every day, but many of us want to know: What is Argan oil made from? This is a very interesting process, so let’s see how it happens.

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Argan oil made from Argan fruits. Argan trees produce Argan fruit, these trees are not found everywhere. So, what is Argan oil made from? We first have to learn about Argan trees and Argan fruits. Argan trees live in extreme temperatures, so they are found in desert areas only. Actually, Morocco is the perfect place for Argan trees, and they are mainly found there. Argan oil is extracted from Argan kernels. This is the soft part of the Argan fruit. As Argan fruits are not found everywhere, Argan oil is regarded as one of the rarest oils.

argan oil

After learning the answer to the question, “What is Argan oil made from? we can find out how it is made. Argan oil is extracted from Argan fruits, and there are two ways of extracting it: the traditional method and press extraction. The traditional method is a very old method; most manufacturers do not use this method anymore.

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In modern times, everyone uses the press extraction method. This is the fastest way of extraction. After extracting, some other ingredients are also added. These ingredients give it a new look. Then some fragrances are mixed in as well. As a result, Argan oil gets a beautiful smell. After completing the process, the oil is left to rest for a minimum of 15 days. Then it is ready to be sold.

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